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A vibrant, diverse, supportive community, realising a sustainable future, embracing our heritage and natural environment.


The Wootton Community Strategic Plan of 2017 was revised in 2018 and approved by the Mid Coast Council on the 25th September 2019. Click here for a full copy of the document.


A final version of the Wootton Community Plan was produced in 2017. Click here for a full copy of the document.

2016 (To be updated)

An updated plan has commenced development. The Community Plan assists in raising our profile with the local council and helps us to lobby the council for local needs. For example, Coolongolook with their plan, have been successful in getting the oval fenced and new toilets built that will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The original Wootton Community Strategic Plan was developed in October 2008. A full copy of the document is available as a PDF at this link:
Wootton Plan 2008

The Wootton Community Plan was created to give us a clear community vision and agreed community priorities for the future.