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The majestic Flooded Gums of Wootton inspire me. They are so grand and seem to reach forever upwards towards the light  but also there are the deep shadows of the undergrowth that provide mystery.

Artist biography or statement:
Paul Smith has been a Master Printmaker for over 35 years. He has collaborated with some of Australia’s most prestigious artists to produce high quality limited edition colloblocks. Arthur and David Boyd, Tim Storrier, Euan Macleod,, Jasper Knight, Ben Quilty and many more.

Paul’s personal artmaking practice has always been with wood, assisting artists to carve plates and in his own practice carving and painting onto wooden surfaces as well as sculpting and making wooden objects. His painting practice has been about the bush and environments he has lived in; painting the unique qualities of light and texture.
Paul has also exhibited his prints and his paintings extensively in both regional and commercial galleries around Australia.


Paul Smith


200cm x 108cm


acrylic on wood