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Wootton Community Hall

Wootton Hall is situated behind the Brush Turkey Café .
It is available to hire for community, private and commercial functions.

The community hall is managed for the Council by a committee of volunteers and is available for hire for community, private and commercial functions.

The original Wootton Community Hall was on the other side of what was then the Pacific Highway, now Wootton Way. The hall was demolished In preparation of a widening of the highway that never eventuated. The Wootton Public School was converted for community use after the school's closure in 1978 and is now known as the Wootton Hall.

 Facilities and Events 
The hall houses a community library that is open to the public during any community event held in the hall, the Brush Turkey Café or the surrounding grounds and on Sundays when the Brush Turkey Café is open.

Monthly Food Swaps are held on the forecourt of the hall on the second Saturday of the month during spring, summer and autumn. A food swap is an event where anyone can bring anything that is homemade or home grown. For example, fruit and vegetables, pickles, jams and preserves, eggs, cordials, bread, cakes and slices, seedlings, bulbs and so on.

Quarterly community events are held in the hall on the last Saturday of the month in March, June and September. These are commonly bring-a-plate to share dinners.

Committee Chair: Caro Badcock, Treasurer: Marg Dobson

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Any Use - Under 2 hours
2 - 4 hours
Full Day - 4 hours plus
(Includes community and public meetings, Senior Citizens groups , church services, charitable groups, service club meetings, recreational and instructional classes, craft groups, school use, yoga, choir etc)
Playgroup - Per session $20
Large Functions - Weddings, parties, dances, discos, presentation nights $150
Please call Caro Badcock on 0408 415 420 for details and to book a function.

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